Monday, June 07, 2021

You Can Always Go, Uptown

Oh! One other thing I should add on to the list of stuff going down this week (see previous post) is the long-awaited release of Jon M. Chu's In the Heights musical movie, starring new fave Anthony Ramos -- I'm sure you've watched the trailer by now but if not, click here. The film is opening the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday night in, you guessed it, The Heights. That is to say Washington Heights aka the neighborhood I live in in real life. Sadly I will not be attending this screening because 1) I've already seen the movie and 2) I didn't get an invitation. Number two is probably the more important aspect of why I am not going, but whatever! It's not like Anthony Ramos was going to sit in my lap or anything. (I will spend now awhile thinking about that happening, though.) Anyway if you aren't seeing it here in NYC this week it's out in theaters on Friday every damn where all the same, and to wet our anticipatory whistles the fine folks pushing this feel-good sing-songery have gone and dropped the first eight minutes of the movie online today, giving you a good flavor of what you're in store for. So watch...

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