Monday, June 07, 2021

Colman Domingo One Time

Well this is gearing up to be a busy week for me -- not only did I (finally) get accredited to cover this year's Tribeca Film Festival right at the end of last week (with the festival starting, you know, on this Wednesday; see my preview of the fest right here) but I've also got my first in-person press-screening (having nothing to do with Tribeca, that is) tomorrow with A24's very buzzy Zola, starring Taylour Paige and my pretend best gal-pal Riley Keough, not to mention the always welcome (and openly gay) Colman Domingo, seen up top. Here's its trailer:

Zola opens on June 30th and you'll surely hear more from me on that once that time comes. For now... well for now I've got about a billion movies for Tribeca to try and schedule, so things here for the next week and a half could be spotty while I 1) figure all of that out and 2) watch and review things. My reviews will be going up on The Film Experience and at Pajiba mainly, but I'll surely keep you informed here and on the Twitter when they do go up.

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