Thursday, June 24, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

The Neon Demon (2016)

Gigi: You wanna know what I had done, don't you? Well I thought I'd get more work if I went down a cup size. So I'd look like a hanger, ya know? But then my surgeon, Dr. Andrew, he pointed out a lot of other problems with my body. So I had them: shave my jaw, I had a slight eyebrow lift, new nose, cheeks, inner and outer lipo... oh, and they pinned my ears. 
Jesse: Why?
Gigi: So I could wear a ponytail?

Happy 5 to Nicholas Winding Refn's fantabulous and darkly gorgeous The Neon Demon! This movie has been out five years as of today, and also as of today I have done exactly five posts telling you how "Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life you can learn from The Neon Demon." Who knew? This film is stacked with Life Lessons. Important things, like how to get a ponytail through plastic surgery. I plan on re-watching the film over the weekend (it's been a couple of years) but for now why don't y'all go read this fine piece by our pal Fiona at MovieJawn that's celebrating this anniversary and says anything I might want to say without me having to expend any effort. I love it when that happens!


Anonymous said...

LOL girl what? This was a mind bogglingly awful movie. Can't even be called a guilty pleasure cause at least those are entertaining on a basic level. Tanked Refn's career too

Jason Adams said...

Uhh may we all be so "tanked" in our careers that we go on to make a stellar miniseries for Amazon (No Time To Die Young is freaking amazing) and then have a pile of projects lined up right now. He only works like every three years anyway. Even allowing for TND to not be everybody's cuppa (and it clearly was never gonna be that) I think "tanked" might be a bit strong for his career, is my point. Anybody would work for him at any point if he called them up.

Jason Adams said...

Whoops that miniseries is called Too Old To Die Young

Johnnie said...

Jena Malone. Yeah Refn's movie's aren't for everyone, but Jena Malone is the one to watch in the movie. I love her, she has moxie!