Monday, June 07, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Maurice (1987)

Maurice: Stay with me.
Scudder: Stay? Miss my boat? You daft? Of all the 
bloody rubbish. Order me about again, you would.
Maurice: It's a chance in a thousand we met. 
You know it. Why don't you stay?
Scudder: Stay? With you? How? And where? With your Ma? Oh
yeah. What would she say if she saw me? All rough & ugly the
way I am. My people wouldn't take to you one bit. I don't blame
them either. How would you run your job, I'd like to know?
Maurice: I shall chuck it.
Scudder: Your job in the City? What gives you money and
position? You talk like a man who's never had to earn his living.
Maurice: You can do anything. Once you know what it is. 
We can live without money, without people. We can live
without position. We're not fools. We're both strong.
There'd be some place we could go.
Scudder: Wouldn't work, Maurice. 
Be the ruin of us both. Can't you see?

You could do far worse than spend a nice night watching beautiful, romantic Maurice here during Gay Pride this year. The happiest of happy 93rd birthdays to writer-director (and Call Me By Your Name Oscar winner) James Ivory today!


Brad said...

I watched Maurice last night! What a lovey coincidence. Still thinking about the ending.

bdog said...

I love this film. Rupert Graves is so incredible in it, and boy, has he aged beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Way back when this film was released, I had seen one picture of Hugh Grant in Interview Magazine. I was smitten. I didn’t have a TV to have seen a trailer or really new anything about it, but I road my bicycle five miles to the arthouse cinema that was playing this film. He’s a curmudgeon, now. Me, too.