Thursday, May 27, 2021

Justin Theroux Tests Positive... For Gay!

There really is no way to make a thriller about pregnancy without having it compared to Rosemary's Baby, so I appreciate False Positive director John Lee not even trying to obscure the Woodhouse-iness here in the first trailer for the Hulu Original hitting that streamer on June 25th. Starring Broad City super-stah Ilana Glazer as a young woman impregnated by her perfect husband... or was she, dun dun dun??? Justin Theroux wearing preppy sweaters let's you know something is wrong right off the bat...

... but damn if he doesn't make you feel as conflicted about Evil Baby Schemes as John Cassavetes did back in the day. Hey maybe just let them have this one? The baby I mean. Babies are a dime a dozen, but hot husbands don't come along every damn day. Unfortunately for Ilana she's also got a hot OB-GYN (played by Pierce Brosnan) who cannot take his eyes off said same hot husband...

That gif somehow feels like the dirtiest gif I have ever made in my entire gif-making life, and I have made some dirty doozies. Anyway I don't want to venture too deep into spoiler territory -- maybe some of you don't want to watch the trailer, which gives away a lot, and me shoving gifs in your face is an affront to your delicate nature? To y'all I apologize but I would simply be derelict in my duties if I didn't share the flashes in said trailer of Theroux making out with shirtless (grand) daddy Pierce Brosnan...

I mean seeing an image of that which a kind reader forwarded is what got me to watch this damn trailer even in the first place! There's your reason to watch the movie. Not that I don't love everybody involved -- besides Ilana Glazer's preternaturally comedic presence in the lead we also have director John Lee, who worked with Glazer on Broad City and has a comedy-directing career going back to his work on the classic Wonder Showzen, a personal all-time fave. Oh and he also directed Pee-wee's Big Holiday, which I adore. This is a person working on my wavelength! Here's the trailer:

False Positive hits Hulu on June 25th. Any thoughts, people?
Besides how you'd allow Justin Theroux to steal your baby, I mean.

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