Thursday, May 27, 2021

My Complications Have Complications

Well I can upload tweets, that much seems to be working. I could just do a post of tweets? No, no worries, I won't put you through that. Anyway as seen there yes in that tweet my site's not working properly today -- due to no fault of my own! Send your hate letters to Mr. Google! So I can't post images. I was in the middle of a real fun post too, when it stopped working. If the ancient gears of this place get clicked back into place before I leave the office in a couple of hours I'll throw that post up -- literally, I will barf it into your faces -- but if not I do have to alert y'all to the fact that my Memorial Day Weekend begins tonight, and I'm off until Tuesday. So we'll see how it goes! And if this post is still at the site's top for the next five days you'll know how it went! Stay ever tuned, and...

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