Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good Morning, World

"I'm in the shower, getting clean -- 
Happy birthday, Joe!!!"

So the only thing that makes me sad about Pee-wee's Big Holiday is the fact that I waited so long to watch it and now all the think-pieces about it's queerness have already been written. Boo! I could say so much!
You should read this one as a good primer, though. (Thanks Mac) It's mostly a shame because that's the one angle wherein I could actually opine about stuff, and not just be all "Durrrr I loved it," but damn durrr did I. It was like opening up Christmas morning...

... and the gifts don't suck, they're just what you've been wanting all year long... only this time around it's like thirty years and you're a totally different person but the person giving the gifts found the exact right thing that grabs you by the hand and whisks you back through time and space and broken hearts and dreams and sits you down inside that old young person you were and says, "Here, forget everything for ninety minutes, I got you." 

This is exactly the same way I felt watching Paul Reubens recreate the Playhouse on Broadway a couple of years back (indeed the balloon gag is swiped from that and I'll be gosh-darned if it somehow didn't make me hyperventilate with laughter both places), so what I'm saying is you're never gonna get a level-headed critique of this from me. All I know is thirty plus years with the character and Reubens has sharpened his cheese-ball good humor into a shiv shot right through the funny bone. 

The world that Pee-wee walks though - full of harmless dangers and deeply heartfelt shibboleths, girls gangs in leather bustiers and a football team's worth of Farmer's Daughters - is one I want to walk through too, and getting to spend some more time in my life inside of it, whistling Dixie, well it makes the moments in between feel sweeter for standing next door. Root Beer Barrels for everybody!

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dench said...

So is he like the American Mr Bean?