Friday, May 21, 2021

A Dream Horse is a Dream Horse Of Course

Hey I was just talking about her! Earlier I reported some news on one of Toni Collette's most promising upcoming projects, but now I've got something to share on something much more of the now -- namely her movie Dream Horse, about a dreamy horse, which is out in movie theaters today. The thing is I reviewed the film this afternoon for Pajiba, you can read it here. As there's nothing to spoil with this kind of movie I'd say you can read the review before seeing the movie, but if you just want my gist I say go ahead and dream yourself into a screening of Dream Horse if it's the kind of thing you think you'll like; it's exactly what you think it is. And if you're not ready for the theater no worries, the film hits home viewing on June 11th. It's a good one for the couch, believe you me. No really, believe me, that's how I watched it. Here is the film's trailer if you missed it.

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