Friday, April 09, 2021

Happy Moffie Day

This has been a review nineteen months in the making (when a friend told me about it at Venice in 2019) and I'm happy to say that it didn't disappoint -- I love every second of Moffie, the new gay "coming of age in the time of Apartheid" film from South African director Oliver Hermanus, and I said so in way more words over at Pajiba today. And having seen the film three times now I can promise you this is one that only deepens, emotionally and intellectually, with re-watches -- I love love love this movie -- it has so much to say about gayness, about masculinity, about the ways society has been weaponized to make us all terrified of ourselves and each other. My review is a full meal but don't be surprised if I write even more about this movie soon -- there's some personal business it reminded me of that I didn't even get into. Anyway see this movie as soon as you can! Here's the trailer -- the movie's out today thanks to IFC Films. And after the jump a few pictures from the movie...

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