Thursday, September 05, 2019

Make Room For Moffie

We've got one to put on all of our To Do Lists! A friend of MNPP who saw the film in Venice this week gave me the heads-up on this one yesterday -- it's called Moffie and it's a drama about male soldiers in Apartheid-era South Africa falling for each other; apparently "Moffie" is basically their word for "faggot" or "poofter" or thereabouts. I haven't read any reviews myself (I already know enough to know I want to see it now) but Variety just put up a rave today if you do need some convincing. I'm here rather to share the teaser trailer, which came online yesterday:

Visually at least this thing looks absolutely stunning -- I'm unfamiliar with its director Oliver Hermanus but this looks promising as heck. That said obviously we've no word on when any of us Real People can see this outside of film fests, but I'll try to keep an eye and an ear on the ground for that stuff, so stay tuned. 

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Anonymous said...

if you're unfamiliar with hermanus, you should watch 'skoonheid' asap! (i haven't seen the other ones, but this one is really good - uncomfortable/creepy good)