Tuesday, April 13, 2021

As Good As Dead

I don't know if you were privy to my inflamed reaction to the entire Justice League Snyder Cut bullshit debacle -- think I said more, or should I say "shrieked more," about it on twitter than I did here on the site proper. But I found the entire spectacle distasteful -- the fact that so much money got tossed at it on a poisonous flotilla of toxic fanboy behavior; the fact that a terrible film got turned into a four-hour terrible film; the fact that anyone with eyes and ears tried to say it was any better on the ass-end of the experience and not just hours and hours more shit. Anyway in my ever so humble opinion that was a gross experience for all parties involved! 

That said the devil help me I am definitely feeling myself suckered in to Mr. Snyder's next movie, the zombie-heist flick Army of the Dead. It recalls the good part of Snyder's career -- aka the start, with his Dawn of the Dead remake. And it's truly got a super cast. Who can argue with Dave Bautista? He's so goddamned likable. You add Hiroyuki Sanada, Garret Dillahunt, Matthias Schweighöfer, Raúl Castillo, Omari Hardwick (seen above, strapping it on), and a zombie tiger? A zombie tiger! And I am pretty sure I saw a horde of Chippendales dancer zombies at one point? I can't fight this, you guys. Here's the just-dropped trailer:

We'll find out soon anyway, since Army of the Dead is hitting Netflix in a little over a month on May 21st. That said this is definitely one I'm a little annoyed I won't be able to see on a big screen. Right? It is screaming out for a great big screen.

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bdog said...

How'd you leave out Tig Notaro replacing Chris D'Elia, and shot all her scenes in front of a green screen?! That alone ensures an interesting watch. I too, wish I could see this in a theatre, maybe Syndicated will show it outside?