Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ramy is a Poor Thing

A small but notable update today on Yorgos Lanthimois' next project, which I told you about back at the start of March -- joining the already-announced Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe in Poor Things will be Ramy Youssef, star of the much-popular series Ramy, which is one of those shows I keep meaning to watch and not getting around to. That said, given the show's popularity I have seen Mr. Youssef do his thing at lots of awards shows, and he seems pretty damn charming. Any fans? 


Matty said...

LOVE Ramy Youssef and Ramy the series! There's some pretty darkly comedic moments in the show, so I think he can definitely fit with Lanthimos's sensisbilites well.

Ryan T. said...

RAMY is pretty great.

Ramy said...

Ramy is perfect. You will love it