Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

you can learn from: 

The Square (2017)

Christian: Okay if I ditch Comic Sans? 
Find something less childish? 
Michael: I didn't pick it. 
It's a 90s all-time favorite.

A happy 47th birthday to the great Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund today! I didn't realize he was still just 47 -- that's good news, as we can hope to get lots more from him, I think. And I'd follow him anywhere after The Square and Force Majeure. Have any of you seen any of his earlier films though? There's one called Play from 2011 that's about childhood bullying, and an anthology in 2008 called Involuntary. I haven't seen anything before Majeure and am curious. Speaking of curious...

... he is currently working on his next film; it's called Triangle of Sadness and that is a photo of him (in the shorts) directing the film's star, Woody Harrelson. Woody's gotten some good attention for his acting over the past several years but I still think he's underrated as far as that goes, so I hope this is as exciting and  awesome a collaboration as it sounds. Co-starring with Woody are Harris Dickinson and the great Croation actor Zlatko Buric (from the Pusher films); here is the plot off Wiki, which sounds ripe for Östlund's brand of dark comedy:

"This dark comedy centers on a fashion model celebrity couple (Dickinson and Charlbi Dean) who are invited on a luxury cruise for the super-rich. The yacht –whose captain is a rabid Marxist (Harrelson)– sinks, leaving the duo stranded on a desert island with a group of billionaire jet-setters and a cleaning lady, with the ensuing fight for survival turning the pre-existing hierarchy upside down and changing the dynamics of the group: the cleaning lady rises to the top of the food chain as she is the only one who knows how to cook."

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