Thursday, March 11, 2021

We Are All Poor Things Today

I know that this is the way the movie business works -- that projects get announced and then wither on the vine with no notice -- but forget the actual artists involved in this, since it's frustrating for me! Won't anyone think of ME? Like this morning Yorgos Lanthimos announces he's making a movie with his Favourite actress Emma Stone and my favorite actor Willem Dafoe, and I was like, "Oh surely one of those dozen posts I have done over the past few years announcing new Yorgos Lanthimos movies (see here and here for a couple examples) were about this project, surely" but then I go and look and no, nope, not it, all those posts were for naught. This is something else. Something else I have to look up! You better make this one for real, Yorgos, or else! 

The new film will be an adaptation of Alistair Gray's book Poor Things, but here's the weird thing -- and again, all of this has to do with me, because what else would I be blogging about if not that? -- Amazon is telling me that I bought this book back in January. I haven't read this book. I vaguely recognize its cover, I know it's buried somewhere among the many, many piles of things I have in my apartment. But I must have known when I bought this book that Yorgos was adapting it. And yet I can find no such evidence. No post. No nothing. This pandemic's been a lot, y'all. Here is how Deadline describes the story, anyway:

"The film will be a Victorian tale of love, discovery and scientific daring, Poor Things tells the incredible story of Belle Baxter, a young woman brought back to life by an eccentric but brilliant scientist."

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