Monday, March 22, 2021

Pics of the Day

I told you of the space thriller Stowaway way back in January of 2019 when Toni Collette was the first person attached -- then I got more excited a couple of months later when Daniel Dae Kim was also cast -- and here we are, a full two years later and we have some photos! EW has more (including a look at co-star Anna Kendrick) but I snatched these shots of Toni in her astronaut get-up and Daniel's arms because these are the things that interest me. Netflix is dropping Stowaway on April 22nd, so not that long a wait! Put Toni Collette in every kind of movie, I'll watch 'em all!

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FoxVerde said...

damiel is in the second season of a british show we just finished called "flack" about a cutthroat london PR company that represents troubled celebrities, with anna paquin. we laughed a gazillion times over the 2 seasons. great show.