Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Daniel Dae Kim Gets Lost... in Space

I don't believe I got around to sharing this news when it was first announced, so here's a good opportunity now that the ever gorgeous Daniel Dae Kim has gotten involved -- our beloved Toni Collette is making a sci-fi thriller called Stowaway with Anna Kendrick, and today DDK has just been added to the cast.

The movie's about what to do with a (you guessed it) stowaway on a Mars-bound spaceship (played by Wynnona Earp actor Shamier Anderson, who's pretty goddamned handsome himself and I look forward to making his acquaintance) -- Toni is the captain (I really missed the boat on a "Captain and Tennille" adjacent pun headline on this one) while Kendrick plays a medical researcher; Daniel here is the ship's biologist. I got some biology for you to study, Dr. Kim...

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