Thursday, March 04, 2021

Endlessness Finds Its Beginning

I had a feeling was so and sure enough a quick search uncovered the fact that I first posted the trailer for About Endlessness, the latest flick from Swedish weirdo Roy Andersson, way way back in September of 2019 -- if you wanna calculate how long ago that was how about the fact that I posted it alongside the trailer for the movie Jojo Rabbit? Does that get the feeling of the passage of immense oceans of time across to you? Anyway I became such a fan of Andersson and his singular cinema thanks to his 2014 masterpiece A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence that the wait for this one was excruciating on day one... and then the damn pandemic happened!

Anyway I am pleased as punch-drunk to share the news that About Endlessness is giving up the endless ghost at last, and will finally be released here in the US (theaters and demand) on April 30th. And they've just re-released the trailer (it is ever so slightly different, although it hits mostly the same beats) and here, I share it with you now, today, on March 4th 2021. Let it be noted! No more shenanigans please! (And yes I just called a deadly pandemic a "shenanigan" so feel free to cancel me immediately.)

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Gus said...

I watched it over here in the UK last autumn. It is completely wonderful. I would watch it again in a heartbeat. Nothing happens and everything happens. All of human life is here in his utterly stylized utterly real scenas. Beautiful.