Thursday, February 04, 2021

Quote of the Day

“The thing that I’ve never understood about Cronenberg is that he’s had almost a half a century of making movies, and many really good movies. He’s clearly one of the masters, right? Living masters. And yet this is a man who, every time out, struggles for years, usually, to raise minimal financing for his movies. Which are never really expensive. He always comes in on or under budget, on or before time on shoots. He doesn’t waste money. His movies don’t lose money. Sometimes they make some money. He’s incredibly reliable, professionally and creatively. Why should it be so difficult? I don’t understand. Why has David Cronenberg never, ever been nominated by the Academy for writing or directing a movie? I mean, that’s inexplicable to me, but such is life.”

Well I don't remember the last time I gave the same person two "Quote of the Day" posts two days in a row -- maybe when Robert Pattinson couldn't stop talking about all the actual masturbating he's done on-screen -- but I gotta hand it to Viggo Mortensen, who's using the press rounds for his own directorial-debut Falling this week to sing the praises left right and in your fucking face of his friend and three-time director David Cronenberg. I suppose the fact that Cronenberg plays a role in his movie -- delightfully, a proctologist -- and the fact that as Viggo said in yesterday's post the two of them plan on working together again later this year in a new film from the master himself, helps the subject keep coming up. The quote above is via his chat with UpRoxx right here. And you keep loving David and I'll keep posting, Viggo!


Kevin said...

"maybe when Robert Pattinson couldn't stop talking about all the actual masturbating he's done on-screen" Link please! LOL

Anonymous said...

I rewatched his Crash recently and omg what a masterpiece. That film should been nominated for EVERYTHING.