Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Luke Evans Brings the Entertainment

What perfect timing -- Luke Evans (and his ever present banana hammock) has been spotted at the beach with a new friend (and this is in Austrailia so we don't have to be angry about the lack os masks, hurray!) just as we get word that the second season of The Alienist, subtitled Angel of Darkness after the second book by author Caleb Carr, will be released on blu-ray on May 18th. I felt somewhat lonely watching the show last July -- not a lot of people were tweeting about it, but I was!

That's what the kids call a "receipt." Anyway I think there was a general consensus of disappointment towards the show but I went straight in the opposite direction -- I came to love it, more than I'd anticipated. I mean I've watched the show since its start, having been a fan of Carr's books since way back, but I only liked the first season, but by the time the second was ending I was fully into it, hook line and Daniel Brühl's beautiful, beautiful hair.

I hope they make a third season. Everybody go buy the blu-ray so they make a third season, please! I'll bribe you with a deeper selection of photos of Luke Evans and his furry beach friend after the jump, how's that...


Anonymous said...

When did Luke soil his thigh with a tatoo?!?!

Anonymous said...

Sleazy looking