Thursday, February 04, 2021

Good Morning, World

I have to admit when I first heard that Jon Bernthal was going to star in a TV update on the sex fantasy that was Richard Gere in 1980's American Gigolo I had, well I had a lot of thoughts, but none of them involved it being a tough-guy prison series. And I don't quite think that's what it's supposed to end up being either from what I have read -- it's supposed to be set after our titular gigolo (his name's Julian Kaye, which is such a wildly 80s name) gets out of jail after a very long stint for the death that ends Paul Schrader's film. But these first images from the set, of the prison stuff being shot (via), still have me a little... off-balance.

The show is coming from David Hollander, who did a bunch of Ray Donovan, so it's probably gonna be a pretty dude-centric show. (Neil LaBute's name is also in the mix in some capacity, so yeah.) The movie, if you haven't watched it lately, is... not dude-centric. It's not just the leering at Prime Gere, although that doesn't hurt -- while it remains skittish about Julian's gay tricking that shit is there, more and more as it goes along, and feeds into that dead-body finale. I'm just... I remain curious to see if (like Hung before it) this "update" will be less gay than it should be, less gay than what came before, and these prison vids are feeding right into my skepticism. Not that I'm not enjoying them in their own way!


AxFromMN said...

Those are the straightest gym shorts I have ever seen. They go all the way to the crew socks! Tengo miedo!

Anonymous said...

Anything excessively no-homo manly always swings back round to being unintentionally gay. This is giving me the same vibes as Britain's Hardest Man used to.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'll try to remain open-minded but with all these dudes involved this has all the makings of a SUPERGRITTYTOUGHMACHOMAN downer of a drama, with absolutely no levity or lightness and myabe 1 or 2 interesting female characters at the most (and that's being generous).