Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Marwan You Can't Refuse

At first I wasn't super interested in seeing a DC superhero movie starring Dwayne Johnson, an actor I've grown less enamored with over time ("time" hasn't really been the culprit, more like "every political statement he's ever given"), but Black Adam has filled out its cast with so many MNPP crushes at this point -- not to mention it's being directed by Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra!!! -- that it's become impossible to ignore. Oh well! First it was Noah Centineo (as Atom Smasher), then it was Aldis Hodge (as Hawkman), and today comes word that Marwan Kenzari (aka Hot Jafar and more importantly one half of the gay couple in The Old Guard) will be playing... well THR says the role is undisclosed, but online sleuths have sleuthed he's playing Sabbac, who looks like a big hot gay devil:

Let's hope they keep that character look -- lover me a bulging devil hunk, and too often they put shirts on shirtless comic book characters who don't need them! When you're shaped like Marwan Kenzari you don't need no damn shirt! (On that note you should definitely click here.) (And also definitely here.)

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Lee4rdg said...

From previous posts, it seems he don’t need no pants either!!