Thursday, January 16, 2020

Good Marwan, World

This morning I'm wishing "Hot Jafar" -- before there was a "Hot Priest" there was a "Hot Jafar" -- from Guy Ritchie's live-action Aladdin movie, aka the actor Marwan Kenzari, a happy 37th birthday! I still haven't gotten around to watching Aladdin but seeing as how I watch a ton of shit I can't imagine I won't watch it some day, especially with Marwan and lead actor Mena Massoud magic-carpeting about -- even though I have been told there's not much if any sexual tension between those two, which is dispiriting. 

These gifs are from Netflix's sci-fi movie What Happened To Monday that starred Noomi Rapace (the lucky girl seen outside of frame in this scene) which I've also never seen -- have you? It's got an insane cast that, besides these two, also includes Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe. Anyway when Marwan got cast as Jafar in 2018 -- how it works is he got cast as just "Jafar" and then made the character into "Sexy Jafar" through the act of his casting -- I did a great big gratuitous post on him right here that I definitely recommend you check out, but I somehow missed this scene when I did that, and so I've got the rest of it (which gets NSFW y'all) after the jump...

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Ryan T. said...

No sexual tension, BUT I appreciated their relationship MORE here than in the (obviously superior) animated film. Hot Jafar sees a bit of himself in Hot Aladdin and well... that was me being purposefully dirty for your benefit.