Tuesday, January 05, 2021

What's a Little Cry Among Friends

This morning I talked briefly about movies called Tearjerkers and how life's been exhausting enough on its own for the past four years and I haven't had much use for them lately -- well I guess jerking my tears is today's theme because as soon as I posted that I watched the new trailer for Supernova, aka the gay drama starring Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth as longtime loves facing a health crisis, and yup, full on crying. I expected as much -- I cried watching the first trailer a few weeks back as well -- but still; embarrassing. Information we didn't have before -- this movie has a date now! It's playing "theaters" on January 29th, and then it hits digital a couple weeks after, on February 16th. Just in time to make us all sob some more for Valentine's Weekend, natch. Love is alive!


Bucky said...

Well, damn. Yep, gonna be a tearjerker. But looks magnificent.

John said...

I've heard about this. Awards contender?