Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Good Morning, World

Some Shum in the mornin' to wake ya right up -- that's from All My Life, the 2020 tearjerker starring our speedo wizard Harry alongside Happy Death Day's delightful Jessica Rothe in a tearjerker 'bout the cancer. The trailer's right here, or you can rent it on Amazon right now. I have not rented it to watch it, even though I like both Shum and Rothe a lot -- although for wildly different reasons -- but maybe you have already? Is it a good tearjerker? I like a good tearjerker now and then, although that's an impulse that's kind of taken a hike during the Trump Administration -- don't we all have plenty to cry about already, I mean?Just 15 days to go y'all! That's enough reason to put on a red speedo and do a little spin am I right? (thx Mac)


Anonymous said...

He looks like he has a vagina.

Anonymous said...

Someone's never seen a vagina, clearly.