Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Forget Them Not

I first told you about Supernova last October -- it's a romantic drama about an older gay couple, played by Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth, who go on a road trip to see relatives because Tucci is beginning to lose his memory. When I told you about the movie then, without having seen a single second of it, I said and I quote, "Are you crying already? I'm basically crying already." Well today the trailer for Supernova arrived and I'd totally forgotten what the plot was and I got about one minute into it and started grotesquely weeping, snot running down my face and everything. So that's where I am! Basically exactly where I thought I'd be! Here's the trailer:

There's already some conversation attaching itself to this movie about it being two straight actors again taking gay roles away from gay actors, but, I mean... Tucci and Firth are Honorary Homosexuals at this point, aren't they? They've played gay so many times now, even way back in the wayback machine when that wasn't supposed to be good for one's career. Now it is pretty good for one's career though, I'd say. And they look heartbreaking in this so I can't wait. Supernova is about to play some festivals, hence the trailer -- we don't have a release date yet but I hope we will soon. I will obviously keep you informed!


Loreen said...

Stanley Tucci, the full-frontal we never had.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Tucci is daddy af

olins said...

They are actors dammit. Do we require real life murders to play killers?

Jason Adams said...

Generally I agree with you, olins, but I do wish we could come up with a better argument than the "killers" one! Can't we say astronauts? Do we require actors playing astronauts to shoot themselves into space?" Although Tom Cruise of all people (given this conversation) is about to ruin that by actually shooting a film in outer space.

But I do get the other side -- most openly gay actors don't get any substantial work. Even Ben Whishaw seems to have to scrounge at times, and he's one of the most talented actors of his generation.

Anonymous said...

An elderly couple, one experiencing advancing mental incapacity, take off in their RV on a cross-country trip.
Wasn't this already a movie last year?
(The Leisure Seeker starring Helen Mirran and Donald Sutherland)

Sray said...

I get both arguments, and it's a dilemma. On one hand, it's just a role and we shouldn't equate it with the private life of the actor. Easier said than done so if the actor is already well-known. But I do enjoy the frequent fulfillment of this straight-for-pay-in-a-non-porn-way fantasy in movies.

On the other hand, it's about visibility and opportunities for queer actors. And they shouldn't be punished for having come out by getting less prestigious roles in prestige/award-worthy movies than straight actors. Does that make them less versatile in the eyes of casting directors and producers? Not every queer actor wants to stick with TV work or streaming services like Jim Parsons, Sarah Paulson or NPH (good for them though, they deserve their success).