Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pics of the Day

While I am finding it somewhat difficult to get myself terribly excited about my favorite actor Jake Gyllenhaal staring in a film directed by my least favorite director Michael Bay these photos (via, thx Mac) of Jake arriving on the Los Angeles set of Ambulance -- the movie is about an ambulance -- with his last-seen-long hair nicely trimmed, wearing a perfectly fit in all the right places polo not to mention a face-mask proving a decency above many of his peers, and then even more he's kinda popping the bicep for us too?

Well Jake always knows how to make me feel better. The film also stars Eiza González (previously known for Baby Driver she's in that Rosamund Pike movie I Care a Lot that I posted the trailer for the other day) and forthcoming Candyman hunk Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and... ya know what Michael Bay, here's how you make up for [insert everything you have ever directed] -- Jake and  Yahya's ambulance is a'rockin, your camera comes a'kockin. Think about it. Meanwhile let's hit the jump for more...

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