Friday, November 06, 2020

We Was Who We Was

Since I just brought up Luca Guadagnino (he's got a new project, see here) I am immediately awash in guilt that I haven't written anything about his HBO show We Are Who We Are ending its (first?) season this week -- you know, in case you hadn't noticed, there have been other things on our minds. And I use the past tense there but that's bad usage because, uhh, we're still pretty distracted! So can I form much in the way of coherent thinking? That implies I ever have in my long life, but still -- no, no I cannot. Nothing of much substance or depth, anyway. 

Y'all know from the opinions I have scattered here and there though that I loved the show, and I continued loving the show right through its closing frames. I know for the most part people didn't! I have gotten those comments every time I've written anything up on it. But I did, and especially Jack Dylan Grazer's endearingly irritating Fraser, which is especially an unpopular opinion. I don't care! I found his spastic weirdness a n absolute delight -- he made me laugh every single time they cut to him, in impossible times. 

One thing I think even people who didn't enjoy the show do agree on (besides Tom Mercier's blisteringly hot fuckery anyway) is that the score was wonderful, so here's some good news I can share -- they're releasing it on vinyl in January! You can buy it over on Amazon -- it looks gorgeous, which is only fitting. So... anyway. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments about how you hated it. Or surprise me with some love, even!


Sid Vicious (circa 1979) said...

"We was who we was", that phrase reminds me of a joke: "Why did the black guy wear his best suit to his vasectomy ?, "Cos' if ize' gonna` be impo-tent i wants to look impo-tent ! ! !".

Anonymous said...

What did you think about the final moments? Luca said the show was geared towards that particular ending but frankly I didnt really see it coming. I guess it works in the overall sense of the show challenging precepts about idenity and sexuality, especially for young adults, but... really?
Anyway, I loved every minute of the season and I wanna watch it all over again already.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally, Jason! I loved it and thought Grazer was perfect as Fraser, a sympathetic putz.

Jason Adams said...

Anon -- re: the last moments -- I didn't see it coming either, but I totally understood it when it did, and actually thought it was incredibly sweet. i don't think the show intended it to be this big "Sam and Diane" or "Ross and Rachel" oh my god moment or anything, they're just two fifteen-year-old kids who love each other, understand each other, and will walk into the future together. I don't think we're supposed to swoon about them being a great romantic romance, but a friendship, with... confused boundaries, probably, lol. I smiled. It made me remember my bff from high school and how important those moments of understanding one another were, while all the confusing hormones raged.