Thursday, November 12, 2020

Mate Was a Mighty Sailin' Man

Started thinking about how much I want a second season of Tom Hardy's show Taboo this afternoon and quickly spiraled down a Tom-hole -- you know me and my Tom-holes! I tweeted out one photo of mucho import a bit ago, but dug these snaps of Tom taken by his buddy photographer Greg Williams enough to lug 'em here onto the site proper. Assume these are out-takes from this 2018 Esquire shoot which had him standing in the same water in a suit and tie, but the unzipped flight-suit is some of the porniest shit I've seen in a bit outside of, you know, porn. Tom is a forever blessing. Anyway there is no news on Taboo's second season to share but I invite you to check out these classic photos of him skinny-dipping on that show's set back in the day while we wait. While we're on the subject of Tom-holes and all. When in Rome!

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