Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Tom Hardy Thirteen Times

Tom Hardy is on the cover of both Esquire (right here) and Esquire UK (right here) this month with two different interviews and two different photo-shoots, although both of the latter were shot by Tom's tried-and-true buddy Greg Williams (who's always posting pictures hanging out with Tom on his Instagram). 

Anyway I have too much other shit to get done this afternoon to read two interviews so I'm saving them for later (if y'all see anything of interest in them share in the comments) but I can share both photo-shoots (in HD so click 'em to embiggen) and I'm gonna do that right here after the jump...

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Sergeant Slaughter's little pinky dinky micro-wee-wee said...

I don't understand you Jason, for YEARS you carried on about Luke Evans being in the closet eventhough he never backtracked on coming out and never said he was straight in a single interview yet this ugly hateful piece of shit who came out and in flurry of homophobic antagonism later dismissed any and all declarations of queerness and has since then been a vocal proponent of his own manufactured uber-masculine brand of heterosexuality.

This special needs-looking twat needs to eat shit and die as far as I'm concerned especially when you consider that the video where he aggressively shut down a gay journalist for asking him about his own bisexuality at a press junket for a movie in which HE PLAYED A BISEXUAL CHARACTER(straight-washed in the actual movie obviously) is being used on countless alt-right YT channels as an example of a 'real man' putting a 'faggot liberal' journalist in his place.

This kind of harmful self-hatred really shouldn't be idolized, JA.