Monday, November 16, 2020

It's Wong Kar-wai's World

This past Friday I told you that FLC here in NYC had finally announced that they were kicking off the long rumored and desperately desired Wong Kar-wai retrospective on November 25th with the 20th anniversary of his masterpiece In the Mood For Love -- read all about it here. Well today comes a little update in the form of the poster for the series seen above, and the gorgeous trailer for the series, seen below. Not that you could use footage from Wong Kar-wai movies and have it be anything but "gorgeous." They could've looped the Benny Hill theme music over Tony Leung staring longingly at Maggie Cheung and my heart still would've burst with swoon. You can see the entire schedule at this link, along with info about buying tickets. Now onto the trailer!

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Shawny said...

I hate that I don’t like WKW. But his films just don’t work for me, most of all ITMFL. It puzzles me. I’ve tried to like his films, seriously I have.