Friday, October 23, 2020

The Creature Charlestons Among Us

How's everybody's October Spooky Season going? I've been painfully remiss with my getting-in-the-mood-enings what with all of these un-scary film festivals I've been bound up in, but I think I can finally see the light, the spooooooooky light, at the end of the tunnel. NewFest ends on Tuesday and while I've got a few things to review from that still I think I can actually plunk myself down this weekend and start screening some proper frights for my ass! Thank the devil! 

That said it hasn't been totally scare-free here at MNPP -- while it's not 100% horror-movie focused we have got our "13 Rats of Halloween" series going on (and it will actually keep going on over the weekend so stay tuned!); there's my ongoing "Great Moments in Horror Actressing" series at The Film Experience; and then last week I did give you a list of "My 20 Favorite Horror Movies" over at Final Girl, which is kind of a big deal in case you missed it. Big deal!

Anyway this is all me just trying to get myself right-headed in the spirit of my most favorite season -- the real world's so terrifying right now it can be difficult, but let's try! Together! Y'all tell me in the comments what you're planning on watching or have already watched horror-wise that's worked for you this month! I wanna hear all about it with my eyeballs!


Anonymous said...

Twice-Told Tales with Vincent Price (1963). Perfect for getting into the spirit(s).

Laramie Dean said...

Finally got to see US yesterday - I enjoyed it very much, was super freaked out for the most part, and, as I'm usually willing to do, overlooked some of the plot-holes/nonsensical-ness. (Plus: Elisabeth Moss. Also, I'd like to be best friends with Lupita Nyong'o.)

Chip Chandler said...

I've watched most of the Hammer Frankenstein films, and I watched Creature last night. I'll try some of the Hammer Dracula films next, and I'd really like to do a double-feature of Rosemary's Baby and Hereditary at some point soon.