Monday, October 26, 2020

On the Rocks in 150 Words or Less

Super low-key and low-stakes but as smooth as a banana smoothie in a crisp white shirt standing on a SoHo corner watching ice skating videos on your iPhone -- that said that specific easiness means Sofia Coppola gave me the exact New York City Movie I needed right now. One where the world's not on fire, where people go places, together, and do things. There are low energy office parties suffuse with awkward half-banter between people who will never meet again. There's a ballet dancer serving expensive drinks in a mid-afternoon. There are strolls down avenues and through lobbies, sitting around in hotel bars watching hundred-year-old paint dry. Some stuff happens with Rashida Jones and her married relationship or whatever but that's all just backdrop to the real show, which is my pre-pandemic home making me cry just by being itself, the self and city I love and miss so. 

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Anonymous said...

Rashida Jones has one exact expression throughout and has zero chemistry with any of her costars.