Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Good Morning, World

Good Morning, and Happy Parasite Hits Criterion Day! Bong Joon-ho's delightful shocker of a Best Picture winner is being released by the label on blu-ray today -- go buy your copy right now! Nothing you see here is from Parasite obviously -- not the version I saw, sadly! -- but the guy on the left in the shower is indeed that film's actor Woo-sik Choi (showering beside him is the apparently much taller Jang Ki-yong), who played the son of the poor family -- this video is from a 2017 Korean miniseries called The Boy Next Door, which is apparently a comedy entirely based on the comedy of people accidentally thinking these two are a couple. I don't know, man. We went through that phase here in the US too. I'm just happy whenever an open awareness of homosexuality is allowed to exist in a foreign country. Anyway here's the whole clip, which is nothing but a "Oooh you dropped the soap!" gag:

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JKue71@comcast.net said...

Parasite was the 1st foreign language film I saw in the theatre just before the virus hit. When I saw you post Jason that it was just released on bluray that is the Criteroon version.