Thursday, October 15, 2020

My Favorite Horror Movies! Of Ever!

It's the day I've been waiting for slash dreading -- over at Final Girl my beloved pal Stacie Ponder has shared with everyone my Top 20 Favorite Horror Movies list! Actually my list is actually 21 because I changed my mind after sending it and she gave me the bonus. On that note I say "dreading" because there's nothing more difficult in all this world than narrowing down this sort of thing, and my list could have been one thousand titles long. You make all sorts of qualifications in this sort of whittling down process -- you want to represent yourself, as a whole person, so entries that feel redundant get excised in an effort at a larger vision, if that makes sense? 

Anyway click on over, see my 21 picks with a few rambling thoughts about each one tossed in for good bad measure, and make sure you keep checking Final Girl all month long as Stacie's annual "Shocktober" celebration keeps churning out the quality content. And make sure you're listening to Stacie's podcast Gaylords of Darkness (with the wonderful Anthony Hudson) too! It is literally -- I'm not even exaggerating -- the only podcast I listen to. I'm not a podcast person. But Gaylords got me through quarantine and I'm now a hardcore addict to their weekly fix.


Unknown said...

Thanks to Stacie to introducing me to your blog and work, new fan! Looking forward to reading more and more of your posts and reviews.

Jason Adams said...

Oh wow thanks for coming over, Phillip! Anybody who trusts that Stacie knows what's up is good people :)

Lucas said...

American Psycho inspired so many wanks in my teens. I know it's weird, but I was too afraid to search for gay porn online and leave traces, so naked Christian Bale was all I had without raising eyebrows lol

Anonymous said...

I never understand how people make favorite lists. My favorites change every damn day. whats wrong with me?