Saturday, October 10, 2020

Jungle On My MInd

Hi there and Happy Saturday, people! I told you I'd be back. Not like in a Terminator way -- just in my usual unassuming movie-nerd way. I wish I could say "I'll be back" in a cool killer Terminator way but y'all laugh my ass right off the page if I tried. Sigh. I say "I'll be back" and it's more like an "I'll be right back" from a Slasher Movie where I have most definitely gone into the other room to be murdered. Alas! Tis my fate in life to be the killed and not the killer -- I have made peace with it, and so should you. Unless you're my Slasher Killer reading this right now, in which case Fuck You. Fuck you, and here, click over to The Film Experience to read my brand new NYFF review of the Mexican film Tragic Jungle, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything I just wrote. See, this is why I don't write the blog on Saturdays. It's real hard to focus on Saturdays.

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