Friday, October 09, 2020

Don't You Go Anywhere!

Last Friday I told y'all I would be popping on here over that weekend to share reviews and such and then, whoopsie, I didn't! I collapsed in a hole and didn't crawl out of said hole for three whole days. That was nice, but it's not possible this weekend -- the New York Film Festival is ending and the Nightstream Festival has just begun and I've already got several things scheduled for you over the next two usually-dormant days, so please do stay tuned! 

I am visualizing this post with a photo of Riz Ahmed because one, Riz Ahmed, but two -- I'm actually seeing Riz's new movie Sound of Metal (see the trailer here) this weekend via the Hamptons International Film Festival, and I'm psyched over that. A little frazzled about it because I bought the tickets not realizing it was in the middle of All This Other Stuff, but I'll manage to survive. Or not! Check back and find out whether I survive! But seriously. Stay tuned! Good stuff ahead, choo choo...

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