Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hell Ahead

Twas just a couple of weeks ago I reviewed the film called Bloody Hell at the Nighstream Festival (read that here), which is a fun gross-out romp about a young man (played by a really very in-shape Ben O'Toole) whose life is upended when he gets caught in the middle of a bank robbery. One thing leads to another and he, like has happened with all of us once or twice...

... finds himself roped up in the basement of a cannibal family's homestead, you know the gist. We all been there! Anyway I'm trying to not give away too much since the film's got twists and turns aplenty, but the just released trailer gives up ninety percent of those twists and turns so... maybe don't watch the trailer? I am going to post the trailer, but maybe don't watch it.

Well. Did you watch it or didn't you? That's called "free will" and supposedly everybody has some. Or so we're sold, anyway. Perhaps you can exercise some of this "free will" again when this movie Bloody Hell is released on January 14th. I don't know. That's your goddamned business.

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Shawny said...

This one looks good from your description, but I didn’t watch the trailer. I hate trailers. I like to go into movies with little to no info.