Friday, October 02, 2020

Good Morning, World

I know, I know, -- you're thinking to yourselves, "What is Jason bringing up Call Me By Your Name for AGAIN? In 2020? In this economy???" Well here's why, lil' missy -- tomorrow marks the third anniversary of my first viewing of the film at the New York Film Festival, when I stumbled out of the theater in a daze (hey, remember movie theaters?), came back to my office, and pounded out one of my favorite (definitely my most personal) pieces of writing ever, this piece here. I'd write about it a million times more -- the longest most substantial piece is here but you can find links to all of the most important pieces at this link -- but you never forget your first... as Call Me By Your Name taught us. Of course we're still hearing about Luca making a sequel -- even just this week Armie talked about it -- but we've still got time before we know whether the "every five years" timeline that Luca's spoken of (he spoke of wanting to meet back up with Elio every five years) is a thing or not. For now, let's just savor the experience that was. Was it ever.

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