Thursday, October 29, 2020

Creepy Kid To College Jock

Ty Simpkins, the little boy from Little Children, the Insidious movies, and Jurassic World, is now a handsome nineteen-year-old young man, I have just discovered via his Instagram. I hadn't been keeping up with him but we'll be reintroduced to him shortly because he's going to be the star of the fifth Insidious movie, which has just been announced. And not just that -- the film will mark the directorial debut of his repeat pretend daddy, Patrick Wilson!

The fifth film will have Ty's character Dalton Lambert -- who found himself pulled into a vegetative state by evil forces thanks to a telepathy-type link to the dark world (which I refuse to refer to as "The Further" -- you cannot make me!) in the first movie -- going off to college, and dealing with... you know, bad shit or whatever. The fifth film will supposedly mark the return of the rest of the Lambert clan, who mostly sat our films 3 and 4 as they focused on the psychic played by Lin Shaye -- besides directing Patrick Wilson be reprising his role as Papa Lambert; no word on Rose Byrne as Mama yet but hopefully she'll show! Rose Byrne makes everything better. In summation... here's a little more of Ty letting his inner jock out on his Instagram...


Matty said...

As someone who loves the Insidious movies (Give or take Chapter 2), this is really exciting to hear they are doing a Chapter 5! Hopefully Lin Shaye and Barbara Hershey are coming back too.

Love Hard Male Nipples 1 said...

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