Thursday, September 03, 2020

Quote of the Day

"I’ve spent years of constantly learning the same lesson over and over again, that you can work and work and work on something, and bang your head against the wall and know it inside and out — but then, in that moment, if you’re not relaxed in your mind and body, that’s all for nothing. A lot of that work won’t be seen unless you’re grounded and present. I just don’t think there’s ever anything wrong with attempting to be present."

That's I'm Thinking of Ending Things leading man Jesse Plemons towards the end of a wonderful profile in The New York Times today on the precipice of that wonderful Charlie Kaufman film dropping on Netflix -- I reviewed the film earlier this week right here... well "review" is always a weird word for what I do when I really get into what I wanna do, when a movie inspires me to do it, and Charlie Kaufman always inspires me. My point is I didn't mention in the many many words I typed how good Plemons (or his leading lady Jessie Buckley) is in the film, and he (and she) is very very good. ITOET is way way too weird for awards shows so I'm not getting my hopes up, but this has been a weird year! Who knows? Anyway go read the chat -- there are Kirsten Dunst quotes, after all!

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