Thursday, September 03, 2020

There's Plenty of Time To Die, Actually

I've been slow getting at it this morning so I'm sure all of you have already watched this, the second latest trailer for No Time To Die, Cary Fukunaga's forthcoming James Bond Adventure with Daniel Craig -- y'all have already watched it and yet I have not been inundated with this:

... and that just doesn't seem right. Anyway at the start of this week I was considering sharing the opinion that I was feeling warmth in my heart towards the Bond Franchise because it had sat out this whole Coronavirus baiting game that Tenet has failed so spectacularly -- when I thought that thought I'd forgotten they'd already rescheduled the film for Thanksgiving though, and today's onslaught of trailer and poster and new photos stuck my foot in my mouth for me before I could even speak.

I'm basically at the point right now where I find releasing movies in theaters until there's a vaccine immoral -- even Tilda's speech in Venice yesterday rung a little hollow for me, because as much as I love The Movies, and love them I do, I love life, I love people not dying from a communicable disease that fills their lungs with fluid, more. So should we all. So... I don't know. I don't have answers. I just know that I am glad the theaters are closed here in New York right now so I don't have to make these decisions. On that note here is the trailer for this movie that is supposed to be released into enclosed rooms full of strangers in a couple of months, make of it what you will!

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bdog said...

Everyone's been saying 'Tenet' will get us back in the theatre (It won't).
This def will, I hope Alamo Brooklyn will be open by then, b/c I am so down for this.