Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Make Way For Miss Malone

Just now linking up to yesterday's "Great Moments in Horror Actressing" post here a day late since it went up last night after I'd already skedaddled my ass home for the evening -- but that is right, that thought that you had seeing that picture of Jena Malone above, this week's subject is indeed Miss Jena Malone! We love her -- from the glory of Donnie Darko on through her recent collabs with Nicolas Winding Refn...

... she's proven herself a former child actor with genuine adult-sized talent. And the first time I really took notice of that was in Carter Smith's 2008 horror flick The Ruins, which is this week's subject over at The Film Experience, click on over for that. In related news Malone is the villainous Plantation Belle in next week's horror flick Antebellum, which... I will review next week. But I shared the poster and trailer over here, way back in March when the film was meant to come out, pre-COVID.

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