Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Just Jake

That is of course an old and real familiar photo of Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal, dating from circa 2005 -- aka Peak Jake as far as I'm concerned (even though he remains top of the heap no matter the age) -- but since we have news to share and no new photoshoots to go with it why not take a glance back at such good, classic times? There is no reason, literally none, not to. Now onto the news, and its slight enough to justify half-assing it to be honest -- we've been hearing for a few years now that Jake has intended to remake Gustav Moller's really well-done 2018 Danish thriller The Guilty...

... which is basically a one-character study that has a 911 operator dealing with an emergency over the telephone. We stare at the lead and hear the emergency play out as he does, through voices on a phone line. Anyway today comes word via Deadline that Jake will be re-teaming with his Southpaw director Antoine Fuqua for the movie, already set to film in November, and when you think about it this is EXACTLY the sort of project Hollywood should be making. One actor in a room! Voila drama!

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Shawny said...

The Guilty was fantastic. It reminded me of the opening scenes in the control room in Close Encounters. It’s just an extremely well told story maximizing the best of minimal elements. Very soon into it you don’t realize you are staring at the same face for long stretches. I hope Jake can pull it off.