Monday, October 28, 2019

Stanley Tucci's Gay Supernova

Here's a sentence that might brighten your Monday -- Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth are going to star in a gay love story! Even more than that -- it's a Notebook-esque melodrama about a long-term couple who're on a road trip visiting old friends and places from their past because Tucci's character has early on-set dementia and he wants to say goodbye. Are you crying already? I'm basically crying already. I love a good tear-jerker. Oh and did I mention that Colin Firth has a salt-and-pepper beard in it?

The film, which is called Supernova, was written and directed by actor turned director Harry Macqueen, who made a film called Hinterland in 2014 -- did anybody see that? I did not. Macqueen didn't act a ton before becoming a director, he was in Me and Orson Welles I guess, and he starred in Hinterland, but dude's only 35 so I think it's fascinating this gay romance about dementia is the story he's written and directed his second time up to bat. Let's see what ya got, Harry!


Adrian C said...

sounds great. the director is good looking, and I'm sure, talented if he got that cast.

PHUONG said...

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