Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Good Morning, World

I can't believe I am here typing this sentence but, here goes -- A happy 25th anniversary to Showgirls today! Paul Verhoeven's trashterpiece to end all trashterpieces was released on September 22nd 1995 to a population of human beings who had no idea whatsoever what they were in store for -- it's taken us this full 25 years to come to terms with it, I think. I mean not me -- I knew that opening weekend at the Midnight screening I attended where the three random men scattered around the theater (besides me and my bestie) started chanting "Tits! Tits! Tits!" as the lights went down, that I was in the presence of greatness. Y'all just had to catch up. 

Anyway there's probably not much I more I can say about Showgirls that I haven't said over the many, many years... except maybe I have never really given Kyle MacLachlan's character, the insanely sleazy show-manager Zach, his due? And by "his due" I mean talked about how vividly I remember people making fun of him and his swoopy little bangs at the time all the while I was sitting there like, "Please fuck me in your dolphin fountain, Kyle MacLachlan?" 

The scene you seen here comes right after that infamous pool flopping scene and you're all forgiven if you're always passed out from hyperventilating from that moment to take this one in but I love this scene, mainly because of Kyle's butt and afterglow, but also it gives us this classic Showgirls shot:

I mean there are about seventy-five shots you could point at in Showgirls and say "THAT IS THE SHOT" as in "That is the shot that exemplifies what Showgirls stands for, but I don't know if any are better than Nomi's Whorey Nails (TM) being used to scoop up cocaine off a gold plated mirror at 9am. And the hilarious thing is that this represents Character Development in Showgirls-World! Nomi has vociferously refused to do drugs before this point. so either Zack's no doubt dripping-with-cocaine dick fucked an addiction into her in that pool the night before, or Miss Nomi's not who she's been saying she is. Hmm, I wonder. POLLY ANN COSTELLO!!!

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