Thursday, August 13, 2020

I Stan Seb Stan

Here let us wish Sebastian Stan a happy birthday as we head out the door for the 3 day weekend -- we should have made mention earlier today when he popped up in the trailer for The Devil All the Time, but didn't, but that's okay, because Extra Sebastian Stan Picture. Of course I recommend a deep dive into our SS Archives, where all sorts of treats are buried -- like this! And this! All sorts of treats. Anyway there's a chance I'm gonna be extra quiet here on the internet this weekend because a vicious rumor's circulating that my internet's gone out and won't be fixed until Monday... so basically I'm about to be a Himalayan Nun for 80-ish hours. Wish me luck with that! I'm sure it'll go as well for me as it did for those other ones...

1 comment:

Shawny said...

Would I be called a narcissist since I love that film?