Monday, August 17, 2020

Good Morning, World

Did any of you read the "Oral History" of Gus Van Sant's film To Die For that IndieWire dropped last month for the film's 25th anniversary? It's terrific and I recommend you do -- I did and it inspired me to 1) buy a copy of the film on blu-ray, because for some reason I inexplicably didn't already own it on blu-ray, and 2) to watch it this past weekend. The film holds up terrifically well -- indeed I would make the case that it's GVS's best film, although some of you My Own Private Idaho fiends might side-eye me for that, and maybe I'd deserve it. It's my favorite anyway.

Also that. What would you choose as Prime Matt Dillon? I'd say any answer between Drugstore Cowboy in 1989 and Wild Things in 1998 is basically correct. Before that he's too much of a baby, and after that, well, any of you picking The House That Jack Built, you can report to the principal's office.


Pierce said...

Matt Dillon is incredibly sexy, isn't he? And that hairy chest! Woof!

Bill Carter said...

My choice as Nicole Kidman's best performance, in a lifetime of great performances. She got a Bafta "Best Actress" nomination for this and won a Golden Globe, but not even a nomination from the Academy.

Noms that should have gone to her that year went instead to Sharon Stone for the long-forgotten "Casino" and to Meryl Streep for whatever Meryl Streep was in that year. (It was "The Bridges of Madison County".)

J.D. said...

Yeah, I chose between Drugstore Cowboy and Wild Things too. I had a massive crush on him in Wild Things. And yes, I remembered that sex scene he was in. So incredibly hot! And I also agreed that Nicole Kidman was robbed of her nomination at the Oscars. I think this was one of her more memorable performances.

Mazinkaiser said...

Oh yeah I'm going to the principal's office - I only started having the hots for Dillon after The House that Jack Built and later looking through his stuff in Nimic and Wayward Pines. Though honestly Wild Things is where he really started looking sexy old Dillon as opposed to teen dreamboat.

Mike Johnson said...

Definitely "Wild Things." Even sharing a scene with Kevin Bacon's gorgeous "bacon," Matt's chest was the hottest thing on the screen.