Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Avan Jogia Six Times

Seeing Avan just depresses me about how there won't be a second season of Gregg Araki's Now Apocalypse (sigh) but these new photos of him (via) clearly demand posting -- so I checked IMDb to see what this beautiful, beautiful man is up to and hey, this sounds interesting! He made a movie called The Exchange about a nerdy kid who orders a best friend online and what's interesting about it is...

... the nerdy kid in the lead role is played by Ed Oxenbould, who was so tremendously good in the lead of Paul Dano's film Wildlife back in 2018. I'm very happy to see Ed getting work! And while I can definitely comprehend the plot of a movie (or real life) being "I ordered Avan Jogia online!" I have no idea if The Exchange will actually be worth our time -- it's from the director of Dirty Grandpa, which... was not. But let's hope this is. For Ed and Avan's sake. And let's hit the jump for more pretty pictures of pretty Avan...

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