Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Witch Which Is Witch

My very first instinct, if asked to write about the performances in Robert Eggers' The Witch, would be to write about Kate Dickie's performance playing Thomasin's malignant tumor of a mum. But that's just because I worship Kate Dickie, forever and always. Anyway instead I challenged myself today (with actually no challenge at all, turns out) to write about Anya Taylor-Joy's work as Thomasin herself, because her X-movie The New Mutants is out in "theaters" this Friday after years and years of delays, and hey, she's great in The Witch. We all know she's great in The Witch. She was really very easy to write about. But I will write about my Kate Dickie some day, I swear it...

... and speaking of did y'all see the news that slipped out about mother-fucking Björk being in Egger's upcoming Viking movie The Northman? Opposite Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard, she's playing some sort of witch. I'm dead of excitement from that, but -- once again rendering poor Kate Dickie to a footnote -- I was also super excited to see Kate's name show up on the same leaked cast list. Witch Reunion! Honestly, and I honestly say this all the time, Kate Dickie should be in every movie. EVERY ONE. I am in no way shape or form kidding. Imagine her as a slapsticky detective in a Paddington movie! Or voicing one of the Trolls in a Trolls cartoon! As Willy Wonka! Leopold and Loeb! She could do them ALL. We are a Kate Dickie Nation up in this business.

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DCameron said...

I snorted loudly at Leopold and Loeb!