Monday, July 20, 2020

Yahya Abdul-Mateen Nine Times

The new Candyman movie just recently climbed onto a bee's behind and flew off down the calendar a little further still -- first it was supposed to come out last month, then it was September, and now it's October 16th. We'll see if that sticks -- honestly not sure I will sit in a movie theater at all in 2020 at this point. But at least GQ magazine (the Middle East edition) was kind enough to gift us this new photo-shoot (via) of the film's leading hunk Yahya Abdul-Mateen to tide us over. (I would also recommend re-watching that recent animated tease for the movie, just because it's drop-dead gorgeous, but maybe that's just me.) Hit the jump for the rest...

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Anonymous said...

Breathtaking. Literally.